Healthcare is a human right

It doesn’t matter where you live.
It doesn’t matter how much you earn.
It doesn’t matter who you are.
Everyone deserves access to healthcare.


To our sponsors, donors, partners, advisors, and volunteers – thank you for helping us #changetheworld. They say health is the crown that the healthy wear, but only the sick can see. In the midst of a global pandemic that has claimed over 5 million lives, that saying has never been more prescient. Unfortunately, for many around the world, just the thought of getting sick is paralyzing. For me, knowing this is heartbreaking and there has never been a more clear call to action. We can no longer ignore the inequity of our healthcare system.

Ending healthcare inequity

through action

Healthcare disparities have significant impacts on the
overall health and lifespan of individuals and their families. 

In order to improve the health of our communities, we must eliminate inequity and address the many underlying factors that lead to poorer outcomes.

There is a lack of representation among healthcare providers that perpetuates these injustices.

Fostering Future Leaders

We will inspire and mentor a new generation of healthcare leaders, especially those who are underrepresented in the industry today

Bridging The Healthcare Divide

We will provide quality care in underserved and at – risk communities and support the development of healthcare infrastructure where it is needed the most

Improving Lives

We will cultivate a network of partnerships and outreach programs to address structural inequities and extend care beyond the hospital

Healthcare trailblazers dismantling

the status quo

Vituity Cares is founded by physician leaders and healthcare operations experts. Vituity Cares leaders have firsthand experience in developing front-line solutions for healthcare challenges. Confronting the social determinants of health for underserved and at-risk communities is our greatest challenge yet.

Meet Our Team

Iyona Barnes
Iyona BarnesMentee
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"Because of my mentors, I can overcome any obstacle in my life and face challenges hidden with their help."
Jenny Linchey, MPH
Jenny Linchey, MPHProbation Specialist
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It was an absolute pleasure partnering with the Vituity Cares Foundation (VCF) to plan and operate a health care fair for high school students in East Oakland. VCF brought in speakers with similar backgrounds as our students to talk about their jobs in health care and expose our students to different career opportunities.

Will You Join us?

If healthcare equity is important to you, there are many ways to help.